Carola Wachholder Moderatorin Sprecherin


Carola Wachholder is a journalist, presenter and spokeswoman.

Her career in the media began in 2008 when she decided to take a gap year after graduation from high school.
Since then, she has worked for various TV - and radio stations. She is also featured as an actress in advertisements and as a model.

In 2008, she moved to Tokyo and worked at the Japanese TV station „TV Tokyo“.
After intensive courses in elocution, conversational technique and camera, she presented the daily news program.

2008 was not only a successful year for Carola in the media industry.
She also worked successfully as Model in Milan for well-known brands.

In 2009, Carola worked as a reporter and editor for the Austrian TV station LT1 and
covered events such as the Linzer Pflasterspektakel or the Linzer Klangwolke.

From 2009 to 2013, Carola worked as a presenter for Vienna Online.
She hosted and covered events in the society and music scene.

In 2010, Carola worked several months as a journalist for the TV station Press TV in Vienna.
At the same time, she completed the training for professional speakers at "Schule des Sprechens“.

In 2011, Carola became an early riser while she hosted the daily morning show on Radio Arabella.
She also started her English Studies degree at the University of Vienna.

Carola went through an exciting time as journalist at W24 in 2012.
She reported daily events and prepared them for different media such as TV, Web, Teletext and Info Screen.

In 2013 Carola concentrated on her university studies. At the same time, she refined her moderation techniques and
completed several courses with well knowned voice coaches such as Martin Pfisterer and Susanne Lefevre.
She also developed the social media account for the child protection center „die möwe“.

Since 2014 Carola has been working for the ORF as a journalist and presenter.